We Fulfil Aspirations

Our aspirations drive us. They make us get out of bed; make us stop binging endlessly on Netflix or scroll like there’s no tomorrow on our phones. They are precious.

But sometimes, the lack of funds suffocates many aspirations before they become reality.

We offer end-use defined personal loans in the Education and Healthcare segment,
through a robust Technology platform

Because we don’t want your dream to just become another wish.

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K-12, Coaching, Upskill courses


Wellness, Elective Procedures, e.g Hair & skin, Dental, IVF, Maternity etc.

Consumer finance in the services industry is saddled with problems like

Lack of low cost finance options

Customers tend to compromise on sub-optimized loan offerings due to urgent needs

Many of the existing financing solutions consume significant TAT to process loans

TCPL’s solution is an attempt to address each of these problems

Essentially, we create a win-win ecosystem, offering customers a chance to avail loans at no/low cost EMIs while offering sellers, greater liquidity.

Furthermore, low operating expenditure through our robust digital infrastructure enables us to be nimble and easily scalable.

The segments we cover

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We are here to help you fulfill your Aspirations now

At TCPL, we value the desire to grow. But, not every desire is matched by resources to realize it. This is where we step in. Offering simple, fast, customized and optimized unsecured personal loans for identified end-uses, TCPL is in the business of making dreams come true.

The ‘Dream’ Team

Comprising professionals from verticals such as retail banking, corporate banking, regulation and credit risk, TCPL’s core team covers the entire spectrum of operations in our domain.

Jayaprakash Patra


Founder & CEO

Rajesh Panda


Founder & CEO

Ratikanta Satapathy


Founder & CEO

What makes us your ideal ‘Partner’

Our risk assessment process is dynamic with a combination of scorecard and alternate data. We DO NOT adopt a One Size Fits All approach.

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Great experience with TCPL process in providing finacial services to our customers. The Tech platform provides one of the best customer experience, by offering a holistic financing solutions.

Kaushal Kishore

Extramarks Education

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